The Complete 2014 Product line catalog is now available for download along with our New products only catalog.

2014 Complete Product Line Catalog

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Clich here to learn about our new Tectra safety helmet! Click here to check out over 20 different safety glass and goggle styles! Click here to raed about Elvex five different models of bifocal safety glasses.
Click here to learn more about Elvex 10 different models of earmuffs and cap mount earmuffs. Click here  to check out Elvex disposable and reusable earplugs.

Click this link to learn about Elvex line of face shields for impact, chemical splash and radiation!

Click here to learn about Elvex hearing and eye protection for the shooting sports! Check out Elvex goggles for impact and splash, as well as special anti-fog models!

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Logger equipped with proper PPE: chaps, vest and loggers helmet with hearing and face protection.

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